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salah nazir

Thanks GOD you are save , we always need your support.

Arnold Oliver

We are glad that PAS could weather the storm. Goes to show that you don't allow "little" things get you down.....

Raj Limaye

I was glad to know that PAS and the building was spared by hurricane Ike. I agree with your blog comment that such events bring the best in people and provide opportunity to help others who are in distress. Wish you the best in resuming business normalcy quickly.

Crystal Dailey (Diller)

We are so happy to learn that PAS and the building survived Hurricane Ike. We have all been thinking of you and yours. Take Care! Crystal, Britton, Miranda, and Donna Dailey

Selvam Daniel

Thanks God there was no major damage to PAS and it's infrastructures. I wish you to have a speedy come back. Our support will be there for you at all times. Regards: Selvam Daniel

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